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what is slow fashion?

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A Sustainable Fashion Future


The term Slow Fashion came about quite organically.

It was coined by Kate Fletcher, professor of Sustainability, Design, and Fashion at the University of the Arts London’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion, following the phenomena of the slow food movement

Inspired by the slow food movement, Fletcher observed a need to slow down the fashion industry as well.

Slow Fashion is a movement focused on improving sustainability by challenging social cultures surrounding the industry and encouraging both retailers and consumers to take a more ethical approach to fashion.

Slow Fashion is the alternative to fast fashion. It supports redesigning old clothes, shopping from smaller producers, buying better-quality garments, and also values fair treatment of people, animals and the planet. 
With growing consumer awareness and demand for higher sustainability and ethical standards, slow fashion movement has seen increasing support over the last few years.

why slow fashion?


In a perfect world, fashion would just be slow fashion, but we’re not there yet.

The clothing and textile industry is estimated to produce around 1.7 billion tonnes of CO2 each year, contributing heavily towards global heating. 

Excessive volumes of water are required to grow the necessary raw materials, and the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals such as fabric dyes, are damaging soil, biodiversity, and the water sources for local communities.

Hopefully, an increasing number of brands are rejecting the principles of fast fashion, as a more sustainable approach to making clothes comes to the fore.

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How can we help?

together we can do more


Big changes come from small things.

Day by day, choice by choice. 

Rethinking your choices when you purchase, is a great beginning in this path. 


Would like to know how to become a more ethical & sustainable shopper? Here we are some tips:    

  • Do some research. In the inevitable situation that you discover a new slow fashion brand, take time to vet the company, and ensure that you're investing your money wisely.

  • Poke around the company’s website for specifics about the design process. Is it slow, sustainable, and ethical for everyone involved? Answering these and like-minded questions will illuminate whether or not a company practices what it preaches.

  • Build a capsule wardrobe. This wardrobe method requires you to get real about what clothing actually makes sense for your lifestyle. Only a select amount of items can make up a capsule wardrobe. Your clothes must be as practical as they are stylish. 

we are slow fashion

  • We have a handmade production made in a slow way.

  • Each production process is carried out in small studios, encouraging the local economy.

  • We know closely who made our shoes.

  • Our fabrics are purchased from the textile industry surplus.

  • Each order is produced especially for our customers.

  • We do not use animal raw materials.

  • No abusive production and no waste.

Besides all that, our prints are timeless, it wears well in any season.

We are pure comfort and beauty without leather :)


Wear the change you want to see.

Wear this idea.

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