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we are semente shoes

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We are a Brazilian footwear brand with a susteinable philosophy. 

Since 2017 we offer a more conscious alternative for those looking for comfort.

We prioritize not using any animal raw material in our shoes. 

Our shoes are handcrafted. Made by people who love what they do. 

We have a Slow Fashion production. No waste and valuing the work of small local producers.

We can contribute to our planet in the smallest details.

Nature is our source of inspiration! Our soul is made of flowers!

Stand out from the crowd, make a statement, and take a step towards a sustainable future with us.

Wear this idea :)

how it is produced?

Production Process

Production Process

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Our entire production process is carried out in small studios in southern Brazil.

Novo Hamburgo, in Rio Grande do Sul, is known as the "shoe city", where great footwear brands were born.

We support traditional craftsmanship that has been inherited from generation to generation over the years. 

The craftsmen who work there are passionate about what they do and their work, done by hand, is valued.

In these times, we have a responsibility to keep small regional value chains alive.

In this way, we encourage the local economy and, at the same time, guarantee the best quality for our shoes.

Without excesses,

waste and

valuing what is

made by hand. 


Who said sustainable shoes

can not be beautiful?


All of our fabrics are purchased from the textile industry surplus.

What would be discarded in nature, we transform into our Semente Shoes, with love and creativity.

Our prints are chosen one by one to match all styles. Any time!

Upcycling is not a fashion.

It's a lifestyle.​

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You Go,
Go With All

Your Heart

Semente Shoes's mission is to bring beauty, comfort and style for your feet, by doing an ethical fashion approach.

Our shoes were designed to be an item of dress. 

We believe we should express our beauty with our feet, demonstrating attitude when choosing our shoes.

come to

sow love and

good ideas

with us!

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